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Lisa originally worked alongside Dr Ryan Sommerville from 2011 to 2014 and established the practice of the ENT Clinics. Lisa then began an exciting venture, to work and renew the efficiency of practices within the veterinary and medical fields. 

Upon her return in 2017, to our practice as Business Manager for Dr Ryan Sommerville and Dr Thomas Slaughter, Lisa has instilled an efficient, caring and supportive environment, for both patients and our workplace team.

Lisa has a wealth of knowledge with over ten years experience in the medical industry, whilst holding a Diploma in Practice Management and is an Australian Association of Practice Managers Certified Practice Manager. Lisa embodies exceptional managerial traits and excels in leading practices and staff to success.

With a passion for medicine, Lisa ensures your experience at the ENT Clinics is of the highest quality of care, before, during and after your consultation and or surgery.

Lisa has a passion for nutrition and is studying Nutritional Therapy.